Postback URL: Real-Time Reporting for Immediate Results

A Postback URL allows you to track conversions without modifying the confirmation or thank you page. As you no longer need to place a conversion code or pixel in the merchant website, tracking is precise and you’re notified right away when a conversion occurs.

Note: Postback URLs are currently not available for all advertisers, but for those that do, here’s how to implement them:

1. Click on Advertisers and then the Search Advertisers tab.

2. After searching for approved Advertisers, click the orange Postback button in the results for the desired Advertiser.



3. Enter the Postback URL in the available field, making sure to replace the variables with the codes as noted. An example is provided.



4. Click the Save button after entering the correct code.


Should you have any questions, please email our team at Thank you for your interest in our network!

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