Saved Search History – Automatically Find Previous Results

Our new Saved Search History feature allows for instant retrieval of previous search strings and results. As such, we’ve made it easier to navigate the Links section of the PublisherPro platform to find the latest text links and banners to promote on your site for specific criteria again and again.

  1. Click on Links.

  2. Enter the search criteria for the link you’re looking for in the Advanced Search widget. For example, you can check the Allows Deep Linking box, the Banners box in the Content Types dropdown menu, and the Computers box in the Consumer Electronics section of the Categories dropdown menu to yield links specific to that criteria. Once done, click on the Search bar at the bottom of the Advanced Search widget.

  3. Now you can find the link(s) that you’d like to promote on your website among the search results. To perform a new search, simply click the Reset Search button at the top of the Advanced Search widget.

What if you want to retrieve the previous set of results that your selected criteria had yielded, though? This is where the Saved Search History functionality comes in.

  1. Scroll down the page and click on the Saved Searches dropdown menu at the bottom of the Advanced Search widget. Here you are presented with options to save, retrieve, and manage saved searches.

  2. To retrieve saved searches, click on the History button under the “Select a saved search” dropdown menu. This creates a table at the top of the page that you can scroll through to find results that had been previously searched for. Once found, click on the date and time stamp on the left side of the listing to repopulate your screen with these specific links. Note: all previous searches are saved in this table automatically, up to 500 results.

  3. To save the specific search criteria currently displayed, click on the Save Search button under the “Select a saved search” dropdown menu in the Saved Search section of the Advanced Search widget.

Doing so populates the Saved Search Manager pop-up table, which appears when you click the Manage Saved Searches button next to the Save Search button under the “Select a saved search” dropdown menu in the same section.

  1. Clicking on the Edit icon to the left of a listing in the Saved Search Manager table allows you to edit Search Names. This can be used to strategically catalog specific searches for certain times of the year, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Back-to-School season. As some top advertisers use the same promos year after year, pulling up these lists in the Select a saved search dropdown menu can save considerable time when populating your landing page with links.

As always, should you have any questions, feel free to contact us via!

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