Can I test links before posting them on my website?


Through the Test Link feature on, you’ll be able to accurately test promotional links found on our platform before you post them on your website. After locating the link of your choice, simply click on the VIEW LINK button followed by the Test Link button that appears below the HTML code field.


Test Link verifies the following:

  • Domain exists and is active

Is your website live and capable of hosting this link?

  • Product exists and is active

Is the product still available to promote through the advertiser?

  • Program is active

Is the program that you’re pulling this link from still active?

  • Domain is approved for program

Is your domain approved to promote this program? This is important to note because if you have multiple websites (traffic sources) registered with us, you must apply and be approved for an advertiser through each different traffic source you want to use the links on.

  • Product is not restricted for domain

Are there any other special circumstances preventing you from promoting this link, such as advertiser exclusivity?



If the link passes all of the items on the Test Link checklist, the results will appear in green. Otherwise, an error message will appear indicating what still needs to be fixed before the link can be posted on your site.

Should you have any questions, please email our team at – we’re happy to help!

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