Do you support Global Postback URLs?

Server to Server (Postback URL)

For those publishers who desire server-to-server postback tracking -- a way for our tracking system to notify your tracking system of conversion events -- we now offer a complimentary service for Global Postback URLs.

Once a visitor clicks on your link, they'll be redirected to tracking with a new unique value appended to the link. captures this unique value and passes it back to your server in a Global Postback URL, after a conversion has tracked. A Global Postback URL is a URL that our server pings once we confirm a conversion has occurred. By sending back the unique value your server passed us, you can successfully track clicks to conversions.

Note: The system will only support a Global Postback URL and only for participating CPA and mobile campaigns.


Parameter Name Description
#on# Order number
#sa# Sale amount
#ca# Commission amount
#fobs# Publisher click subtracking 1
#fobs2# Publisher click subtracking 2
#fobs3# Publisher click subtracking 3
#et# Transaction date and time
#clickid# FlexOffers internal click ID
#flx_salesid# FlexOffers click ID + order number


In order to set up your account with our Global Postback URL, please contact your account manager at and they will assist you with this request.

For any other assistance you can also email

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