How do I modify my link, adding CampaignIDs or SubIDs?

Some publishers need to track more than their clicks and sales. They may want to use the same link but track the results in two or more groups by using our “Campaigns” feature. Or they might want to pass additional parameters through their link, like a SubID.



To create a campaign that you can track in FlexOffers’ reporting, do the following:

  1. Locate the link you want to use, click on View Link, then at the bottom of the link, click on the Manage button under Campaign.

  2. From the popup, click on the Add New Campaign.

  3. Give the campaign a name and a description and save it by clicking on Create Campaign.

  4. When you return to the link, you should now be able to select your new campaign from the menu.

  5. Under the Link tab, your link code will now be updated with a 4-digit code associated with your new campaign. Your link is ready to go!


Adding SubIDs

Have additional variables you want us to track and pass back to you in our reporting?

To add a SubID or similar parameter, simply View the link you want to modify (see below) and place the desired variables into the empty fields at the bottom of the link box under the word Sub-ID.



Reports (see the Report Feed at will show the results of your CampaignID under the column called “campaign” in column K and SubIDs under the column L called “subtracking” for your clicks and sales. These reports also show critical information including IP addresses, user devices, and referring URLs. Simply select the Start Date and End Date, the Report Type, and Report Format before clicking the Download Report button to generate your file.



You can also see the results in your Payment Details in your Account tab. Click on ACCOUNTS > PAYMENTS > PAYMENT DETAIL and choose a payment to examine. Click on the DETAILS button and in the breakdown (see example below) a new column called SUB contains your subID tracking.



Should you have any questions, please email our team at Thank you for your interest in our network!

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