Why doesn’t my credit card link work?

Congratulations, you have been accepted to a card program. You now have access to promote and generate commissions from our partner(s) links. Using links is easy! Once you are approved to promote credit cards at FlexOffers, you can apply to the Card Program of your choice. Click on Get Links to that issuer…

Choose a Text Link or a Banner and place that on the approved website (or the approved email, software or media buying placement, if you don’t use a website). If someone uses your link to apply to a card program, you’ll be credited with the lead if approved by the issuer.

To be able to see credit card links when logged into your publisher account (among other factors), you must adhere to the following:


  1. The product/program must be Approved for the specific domain that you’re using to promote the links. This allows you to see the text links/banners/widgets for the credit card advertiser, but not use them or their website. Please note: activations may also be done for an entire program or specific links.


  1. The link must be placed on your website. Our tracking system receives info about links when they’re clicked, including the URL of the website they were on where the link was clicked. We then validate this URL to make sure it matches the domain’s registered URL for compliance reasons. Due to this validation process, you cannot copy/paste the link into your browser’s address bar and access it directly.


Third Party Tracking Domains Are Supported

We now support 3rd party tracking services and multiple domains. Previously, due to compliance, publishers were not able to use 3rd party tracking domains for our credit card links. This new feature allows for additional tracking domains to be registered for those links.

If you are currently using a 3rd party tracking service or have multiple domains/sub-domains please contact your account manager or email us at support@flexoffers.com so we can make adjustments and you can begin to promote. This is a critical step. Links will not work unless a FlexOffers representative adds your additional domains.

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