JavaScript Conversion Tracking for WIX

  1. Please add this script to your HOMEPAGE FOOTER and any other entry page (ex: product pages, alternative landing pages).
    • If you’re using Google Tag Manager, you can have this script appear on all source codes pages.
   (function () {
    var clickRe = /(?:=(24.\d+.\d+FOF\d+|\d+FOF\d+|24.\d\w+\.\d\w+\.\d+))/i;
    var match = clickRe.exec(window.location.href);
    if (match && match.length > 0)
        window.localStorage.setItem('sid', match[1]);
  1. Please add this script to your ORDER CONFIRMATION PAGE
  • Add account unique ID in the advertiserid parameter found inside your account.
    • Please email your account manager to request it if needed.
  • Add Sale Amount code in the orderamount parameter (only required for CPS programs)
    • Shopify parameters provided below has worked with previous accounts before, however, we cannot guarantee that these are still current. If tracking fails, we encourage you to contact Shopify directly to make sure you have the correct parameter.
  • Add Order ID code in the ordernumber parameter (required for all programs)
(function () {
var sid = window.localStorage.getItem('sid');
var req = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET',
    '" + + "&ordernumber=" + +"&coupon=&clickid=' + sid );
  1. Once implemented, please email us to request a test link.

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