JavaScript Conversion Tracking

You can set up conversion tracking for your website by installing two pieces of JavaScript code. In this article, you'll learn how to access that code in your account, and where to install it.


Add Entry Page Code

1. Log into your AdvertiserPro account and go to Settings > Conversion Tracking.



2. Click the Get JavaScript button.



3. Select your program and click Next.



4. Select the Entry Page Code script and copy it.



5. Add that script to the header or footer of every page on your site.


Add Confirmation Page Code

1. Go back to the Entry Page Code in AdvertiserPro and click Next.

2. Edit the variables at the top of the page to reflect the parameters used in your shopping cart platform. The required parameters are Order Amount and Order Number. The optional parameters are Coupon, Currency, Geo, and Commission ID. Please consult your shopping cart developer if you're not sure what the variables should be.


3. Select the Confirmation Page Code and copy it.


4. Add that script to the footer of the confirmation page.


Create a Test Transaction

In your AdvertiserPro account, go to Settings > Tracking Diagnosis and follow the instructions to create a test transaction.

Note: Be sure to leave the Tracking Diagnosis page open while you create the test transaction and go back to that page to confirm that the test was successful.

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