How to Send Direct Messages to Publishers

This quick guide will show you how to use’s Message Center to create and send direct messages to your Publishers.

  • From your Dashboard, go to the Publishers Section > Message Center.
  • Click Compose Message.
  • A New Message window will open. You can now compose your message.
  • Once your message is composed, click the Address Book button on the bottom right side of the New Message window to select the recipients of your message.
  • In the new window that opens, you can select the recipients.
  • Once you are finished selecting the recipients, click the Create Message button.
  • You can preview your message by clicking the Preview Email button on the bottom-right corner of the New Message window.
  • Make any changes (if needed) and click the Send Message button once you are ready to send. If you are not ready to send the message, you can save the message as a draft.

Monitoring the Message Center

After your emails are sent, you will be able to view these emails in the “Sent” folder of the message:

Remember to check your Inbox in the Message Center at least twice per week. Publishers utilize the Message Center to communicate with you about your brand, your product, and the ways they will be promoting you. Publishers may also negotiate commission rates or ask for exclusive offers through the Message Center and it is important to answer all publisher communications in a timely manner.

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