How to Send Private Offers to Publishers

From your Advertiser Dashboard, go to Publishers > Private Offers > Add Private Offer

Fill out all the details in the Create Private Offer form, then click “Ok”

In the Private Offers main page, you will see your newly-created Private Offer. You can now select publishers to extend this offer to by clicking the “View Publishers”  icon.

In the Publisher List window, you can select the Publisher(s) you want to extend this offer to and click “+”.

You can monitor the status of each Publisher application with the “Approved/Declined/Pending” column in the Private Offers page.


Once the Publisher accepts your offer, their status will change from Pending to Approved, and the Private Offer will be in effect.

Option to Resend Private Offer Emails:

  • Clients are now given the option to resend Private Offer emails more than once.
  • If your private offer has not been acknowledged by your Publisher with 2 business days, we encourage you to resend the Private Offer email.
  • To resend the invitation, simply open the created Private Offer, Filter your Publisher list by Pending Status, and hit the Resend Publisher Invitation button under the Invite column.

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