How to Add a New Program

A few reasons to add a new program to your account:

  • To promote a new website
  • Multiple commission structures (CPL or CPS)
  • Different brands

Below are the steps you should follow when adding a new program:

From your Advertiser Dashboard, go to Programs > Programs

In the Programs page, click the “Add Program” button.

In the New Program page, fill out all the required fields:

  • General: Name, Logo, Domain URL, and Description
    • Logo size must be 150×40 pixels
  • Program Defaults: Commission Type, Payout Display, Cookie/Return Days.
  • Publisher Approval Criteria: Check all methods that Publishers are allowed to promote.
  • Search Keywords: Adding keywords helps publishers find you when searching for ads to publish (20 max; comma-separated).
  • Terms & Conditions: You can add your own terms or simply state “The publisher must abide by the Terms & Conditions outlined by”

Click “Save” and return to the Programs page.

You will now see your newly-created program under the Pending Program tab. Please review the list requirements missing. You will be required to have a Logo, Terms and a Campaign.

  • If you are missing a logo, hit the ‘Edit’ button for the program and upload a 150×40 logo.
  • If you are missing your program Terms, hit the ‘Edit’ button for the program and add your Terms & Conditions.
  • If you are missing a Campaign follow the following steps:
    • Go to Campaign Section. Programs > Campaigns
    • Hit ‘Add Campaign’ Button
    • Fill out required information for your new campaign and hit ‘Save’ once finished.
    • Your newly created campaign will me now under Inactive Campaigns Tab and you will now need to add a banner to the campaign before activating it.
      • Please hit the + sign under the creative section, add a banner or text link and save.
      • Now hit the Activate button.

Return to the Program page and you should now have all requirements met to activate your new Program. Your request will be sent and reviewed by one of our account managers.

Shortly after a review, you will be contacted by an account manager on the next steps for conversion tracking testing.

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