How to Manage Publisher Applications

How do I add Publishers to my program?

Once your first campaign goes live, a network announcement is made to all Publishers in the network. Publishers will be able to apply for your program through the client.

Do I manage Publishers? offers Advertisers complete control over which publishers may gain access to their program from within an easy to use interface. This process will not be handled by affiliate managers unless the Advertiser opts in to have all publishers approved for their program.

Here is quick guide will show you how to view and manage Publisher applications as well as change a Publisher’s status in relation to your affiliate program(s).

  • From your Dashboard, go to Publishers > Publisher List
  • Click the Filter button on the right-hand side to filter Publishers by program and status
  • Click on a Publisher’s domain to review their site
  • To change a Publisher’s status, you can check the box next to the Publisher’s name and click Change Status
  • In the text box, add a reason for the Publisher’s status change
  • If you would like to find out more information about a Publisher, you can use the Message Center to email them directly.

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