Custom URLs: Creating Personalized Product Vanity Codes

One of the most requested features on our platform, Custom URL functionality is now live on In a matter of seconds, you are now able to create one-of-a-kind links for products on the programs you’re already approved for. It’s as easy to do as it sounds:

1. Once logged in, click on Links and then the Links tab.

2. In the Advanced Search field, select your criteria to find specific products and click the Search button.



3. Once you locate your desired product among the Advanced Search results, click the View Link button on the top righthand side of the product’s table. This will expand the table to reveal the new Custom URL field.



4. In the Custom URL field, you can customize any URL to make it easier to share and manage. Note: this is associated with Short URL. If you reuse the same URL with a different link, it will take up to an hour to update. The allowed characters are letters (A-Z, uppercase, and lowercase) and numbers (0-9).



5. You can now use your Custom URL to effectively promote your chosen product by copying and pasting the link to your desired platform.



If you have any questions, please email our team at Thank you for your interest in our network!

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