Maps: Geo-Location and User Agent Data

The Maps widget gives you the ability to visualize location statistics for your account at a glance. With the information provided, publishers can make marketing adjustments based on factors including geographic demographics and preferred platforms.


  1. Click on Reports and then the Maps tab.
  2. To display a map based on clicks, choose the “Clicks” option at the top of the map widget. For a map made up of sales by their transaction date, click on the “Sales” option next to the previously mentioned “Clicks” button.



  1. To change the date range of the results displayed on the map, select an option from the dropdown menu on the right side of the map widget toolbar. Dates can range from today to this entire past year, or custom ranges as set by you.



  1. Beneath the Map, you’ll find additional statistics that can be studied to improve your marketing strategies. Each chart tracks different variables, including the type of device, web browser, and operating platform used.



  1. To download a copy of the Map with the variables you’ve chosen, click the Download Map button in the Map widget toolbar.



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