Transaction Details: In-Depth Conversion Analysis

The Transaction Details section of our platform breaks down the performance of the affiliate marketing links you’ve placed on your website. There’s no need to infer what each click converted into as your results can be organized, filtered, and exported from here for easy analysis.

  1. Click on Reports and then the Transaction tab.
  2. In the Filtering Options section, you can specify what Report Type you’d like to see based on Order, Transaction, or Pending Transaction, as well as the specified Advertiser. Please note that SKU Level Reporting is currently available for select links by choosing Transaction under the Report Type, with millions more to be added in the near future. Additionally, you can enter an Order Number or Transaction ID in the Quick Search field depending on the Report Type chosen. Filtering by Adjusted (sales generated minus reversals) or Not Adjusted (total sales generated) transactions is also available. Once your desired Filtering Options have been chosen, click the Get Report button on the top right-hand side of the section.


  1. Should you enter an Order Number or Transaction ID in the Quick Search Field under the Filtering Options section, a popup table will appear with information that has considerable marketing and accounting value.

  1. Upon selecting your Filtering Options in the appropriate table and clicking the Get Report button, a line item report will appear in the Order Details section showing sale amounts, commissions, returns/reversals, and more. These results can subsequently be exported to Excel via the Export button.

Should you have any questions, please email our team at Thank you for your interest in our network!

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