How do I manage the email settings for my publisher account?

The newsletters sent by generally contain critical strategic marketing information, such as the newest programs and links on our platform, increased payouts, and important product changes.

By default, all publishers receive email communications about the programs they’re currently promoting and the latest network-wide announcements. Publishers can opt out of these program announcements and FlexOffers announcements by toggling the preferences for each user on their account in the Manage Email section of their profile, here:



Due to compliance policies, all publishers are required to receive e-mail communications about the programs that they currently promote. These notices can also be viewed once you log into your account. Publishers can choose, however, to opt-out of the promotional e-mails sent about new products and programs. If you would like to opt-out of these newsletters, please select "no" on the radio button below.

There are a few reasons why you may want to remove an approved advertiser from your publisher account. It could be that you want to distance yourself from the brand, have shifted your website in a new direction, or just no longer want to promote their links or banners on your site.

Please note that if you’re considering removing an advertiser due to low traffic/performance, there are no minimum traffic requirements to remain associated with an advertiser. As removal from a program is permanent, you may want to consider simply not adding their links and banners to your site until you see a sale you’d want to promote again.

If you’d like to remove an approved advertiser from your publisher account or have any other questions, please email the list of advertisers to Thank you for your interest n our network!

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