I can't verify my cell phone! What now?

Some cell phone users from certain regions of the world may have difficulty receiving the SMS text message with our security codes needed to verify their contact information or log into their account. When this occurs, a workaround may be required.

Please do an internet search for "online SMS number" to show services where you can obtain a number needed to receive a text message. Such a temporary number will allow you to pass our cell phone verification process once.

Please note that none of the services found in this internet search are owned, operated, or serviced by FlexOffers.com and their use is governed exclusively by their own Privacy Policies and Terms.

IMPORTANT: Also know that when you are required to verify your cell phone number again in the future, you will need to use one of these services again. In that instance, you will likely also need to edit and reset the number, which will require you answer one or more security questions.

CHECK THE REMEMBER ME BOX! Make certain to have cookies ENABLED on your browser and check the box that says "Remember Me" so that you won't have to do an SMS verification on every login attempt.

If you have any additional questions, please contact support@flexoffers.com.

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