Demographic Data: Analyze Audience for Better Performance

The demographic data now available in the Maps section of PublisherPro is a feature that can be used to your advantage in the affiliate marketing space. Studying the breakdown of these traffic sources can help when forecasting future trends and making decisions about which promotions to use on your website.


  1. Click on Reports, and select the Maps tab.

  2. Here you can see a map based on clicks or sales by their transaction date by choosing the “Clicks” or “Sales” options at the top of the widget, respectively. More information on using our Maps widget is available here.

  1. To retrieve the demographic data for a specific region, simply hover your mouse over the area of your choice. Upon doing so, a detailed window will appear within the Maps widget that lists pertinent information about the region.

  1. Here you’ll find metrics that are integral when forecasting for marketing on your website, including population, average household income, median age, and gender. The information is further organized in a handful of charts, making it easy to analyze potential sales opportunities at a glance.

  1. At this time, the demographic data provided in our Maps widget is only available for the United States. This functionality will be expanded to areas across the world in future PublisherPro updates, so check back with us often.


Should you have any questions, please email our team at Thank you for your interest in our network!

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