How do Text Links, Banners, and Widgets work?

Using links is easy! Once you are an approved Publisher at FlexOffers, you can apply to the program of your choice. Click on Apply Now for that advertiser…



…and if approved, you can Search for and Get Links for that program.



Choose a Text Link, Banner, or Widget and place that on your approved website (or the approved email, software or media buying placement, if you don’t use a website). If someone uses your link to make a purchase, you’ll be credited with the sale.

After choosing the link, you may now grab the desired code. Want the tracking link by itself? Want just the banner image? Want both together in a pre-written snippet of HTML code? All are available here.



How do the links work to credit you for sales? Well, when a user clicks on your link, their internet browser receives a “cookie,” which is a file that stores various kinds of browsing data. A cookie is stored on their computer for a varying amount of time (depending on the advertiser), though the average lifespan of a cookie is 30 days.

If during the life of that cookie, the user also makes a purchase from that site, you get the credit and a commission! But note also that cookies work on a last-click model, meaning that the affiliate link most recently clicked by a user will be the link/cookie that gets the credit. Most of the time, that means you’ll get the credit (unless they leave the site without buying and click on someone else’s ad before coming back).

Now, if you are approved for a specific credit card program that supports widgets, when you click on the widget filter button followed by the Search button, all currently available widgets for that program will appear in your results. You may then click on the “Preview” magnifying glass button to see what the widget looks like.



To implement the widget, click on the “View Link” button, and then copy the content under “Card Widget.” You may then place the content on your website.



Should you have any questions after following the steps above, please email – we’re happy to help!

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