How can I tell what kinds of traffic will be accepted by this affiliate program?

If you’re interested in promoting an affiliate program on the network and are unsure if your traffic qualifies, there are a few easy ways of finding out.

In an affiliate program’s Terms & Conditions, it will state which serviceable countries it will accept traffic from. Please see the image below if you are having trouble locating the Advertiser’s Terms & Conditions when logged into your Publisher account.



If serviceable countries are not listed for an affiliate program in their Terms & Conditions, they will often accept worldwide traffic, WITH TWO EXCEPTIONS:

  1. The advertiser has multiple campaigns available on our network that specifies different serviceable regions (e.g. Expedia, Expedia UK, Expedia FR, etc.). In this case, serviceable (qualifying) traffic is only accepted from the country in the program’s name or the ones listed in their Terms & Conditions.
  2. If you change the links to an advertiser’s site (through deep linking, for example) and change the URL’s destination to a site other than the one listed for the affiliate program (e.g. linking your site to an Expedia partner like rather than, it will cause tracking to fail.

Should you have any questions, please email our team at with your name, account number, screenshots, and all details regarding your situation so that we can work towards a resolution – we’re happy to help!

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