Can you tell me more about being a Publisher or an Advertiser on is an affiliate network that informs Publishers about enticing Advertiser campaigns that they can promote on their website, via email campaigns, through social media, and by many other means. Publishers are paid a commission each time the traffic they send to a source completes a commissionable action, such as making a purchase, filling out a form, or completing any other action for which the advertiser is willing to pay.




Over 12,000 advertiser programs are available on the network from nearly every retail category imaginable, including fashion, travel, and financial campaigns from major international brands and emerging innovative companies alike.

Advertisers generally pay a flat amount or a percentage of the sale as the commission, and when those commissions reach a minimum amount (See our Support FAQ article: When will I be paid?), a payment is issued to the Publisher. Those payments are generally issued monthly and on net 60 terms.

A Publisher (sometimes known as an affiliate) is a business or individual that can generate traffic using their own original website, blog, software application, and/or email lists. That traffic is then sent to an Advertiser site in the hopes of generating a conversion to earn a commission. A Publisher might also be called a media buyer if they spend their own money to buy traffic to send directly to an Advertiser’s site.

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An Advertiser (sometimes known as a merchant) is a company interested in paying a commission to a Publisher whenever they receive a new customer. They often “Pay For Performance,” which means they’ll pay a commission (also known as a bounty or payout) every time a visitor to their site takes the Advertiser’s desired action. Those commissionable actions can include the purchase of products or services, or sometimes a lead (such as when the visitor submits a form). They pay, and we pay the Publishers.

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