Publisher Promotional Methods

FlexOffers is a successful network because we work with a large variety of quality, revenue-producing publishers. Each publisher typically falls into at least one “publisher type” based on their business model or the way that they promote an advertiser’s brand to their audience. Here is a brief explanation of every publisher type you will encounter on the FlexOffers network: 

  • Content/Blog/Media – Publishers who create original articles for their independent audience.
  • Social Media – Publishers who post on their personal social media accounts or business social media pages.
  • Product Comparison, Reviews, or Discovery – Publishers that provide links to specific products that customers can browse, compare, or search for. 
  • Paid Search Engine Marketing (Direct) – Publishers who run search engine ads on behalf of a merchant. Traffic is sent directly to the merchant’s site.
  • Email – Publishers who send content to customers in email campaigns or newsletters.
  • Loyalty – Cash Back – Publishers who give customers rewards in the form of cash back. The cash back amount the customer receives is usually a percentage of their total purchase price. 
  • Loyalty – Closed User Group – Publishers who provide a membership service, where customers must have an exclusive login to access benefits. Some examples include employee benefits sites, credit card reward sites, or airline reward malls. 
  • Loyalty – Non-Cash Rewards – Publishers who give customers non-cash rewards for their purchases (points, airline miles, charity donations, etc.).
  • Mobile App – Publishers who display their content on an app that the customer can download onto their phone or tablet through a store like the Google Play or Apple App Store. 
  • Coupon/Aggregator – Publishers who aggregate coupons, vouchers, or discounts for particular merchants from across the web.
  • Coupon/Content – Publishers who display product reviews, coupons, vouchers, discounts, and promos directly on their website. 
  • Coupon/Deal – Publishers who display selected deals or best-of-web coupons on their website. 
  • Browser Extension – Publishers who display their content on an extension, add-on, or toolbar that the customer downloads onto their web browser.
  • Paid Display Ads/Media Buyer – Publishers who create display ads and purchase ad space through a third-party exchange (example: retargeting or real-time bidding).
  • Services and Tools – Publishers who display their content through some technology that is not a mobile or browser app, such as a desktop app, hardware integration, or other technologies. 
  • Sub-Network – A mini-network of publishers who can promote a merchant’s products.

Many publishers use multiple promotional methods mentioned above to promote advertisers’ products to their audience.  

Please visit the “Publisher Approval Criteria” tab under the Programs page in the AdvertiserPro platform to select the publisher types you would like to work with. 

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