Performance Report

The Performance Report measures the success of your publishers, campaigns, products, and promotions over a specified time frame. This report provides an overview of how your program is performing and details about the revenue and traffic generated from each active publisher. Advertisers can use the Performance Report to view how your programs and publishers are performing.

Here is a breakdown of the important sections of this report: 

Time Frame

The Time Frame drop-down menu allows you to select the time period you would like to view data from. You can select a pre-determined time frame or select a custom time frame.

Performance Report By

This section allows you how you would like to filter your overall performance data for the chosen period of time.

The “Performance Report By” filter allows you to divide your overall performance data in the following ways: 

  • “Daily,” “Weekly,” “Monthly,” and “Yearly” - time distinctions 
  • “By Publishers” - publisher (traffic source) 
  • “By Programs” – program

Compare to Another Period Box

The “Compare to another period” box allows you to compare differences in data between your chosen time period and a previous time period. 

You can also input custom time periods.

Please note that this feature requires you to select how you would like to filter the data (under the “Performance Report By” drop-down menu) and you must select one specific performance metric you would like to see: 

Save Report/Run Report Buttons

Once you have selected the appropriate date range and the way that you would like to filter your report, you can choose whether you want to save the report template or generate the report.

We recommend that you save specific report templates if you use the same report parameters frequently (year-to-date/month-to-date report by publishers, year-to-date/month-to-date report by program, etc). You can load these report templates immediately by clicking the appropriate report in the “Saved Templates” drop-down menu and clicking the “Load Saved Report” button.

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Performance Graph

The Performance Graph provides a visual representation of your clicks, sales, sales volume, and conversions over a certain period of time. You can hover over a particular date to see the activity for a given day.  

You are also able to zoom in on date ranges by expanding and compressing the bar under the graph.

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Performance Metrics Summary

The Performance Metrics Summary shows the total number of clicks, conversions, sales volume, and commissions for the selected period.

Detailed Performance Metrics 

The Detailed Performance Metrics section will show clicks, sales, sales volume, commissions, and conversion rate broken down by the option you chose for the “Performance Report By” drop-down menu. The picture below displays Detailed Performance Metrics by Publishers:

If you would like to view more than the default 10 rows per page, you can expand the report to show 25, 50, or 100 rows. The “Export” button will export a .csv file of the Performance Report. 

The Performance Report allows you to review many different facets of the performance of your program. We recommend that you utilize this powerful report today!

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