How to Add, Edit, and Manage Coupons & Offers for Publisher Promotion

1. From your advertiser account dashboard, go to Coupons & Offers.

2. Select the Program you want to add a coupon/discount offer for.

3. Click the “ADD COUPON OR OFFER” button.

4. Provide Coupon/Offer Details: 

  • Select Program
  • Enter Destination URL (must match program URL)
  • Enter promotional text to be displayed/published
  • Enter description of promotional offer (shown only to publishers)
  • Select Promotion type 
  • Enter Coupon Code
  • Select Activation Date & Time of day
  • Select Expiration Date & Time of day
  • Set which publisher(s) coupon promotion is visible and available to use (optional)
    (Note: The Default is Coupons will be Visible to all Publishers)
  • Click “SAVE”

5. Optional: You have the option to make coupon creatives “Visible (to) Selected Publishers”.

  • Before clicking to Save, Click the circle for “visible Select Publishers
  • Enter publisher name or ID# and click to select them in the results

  • With all publishers selected, click “SAVE”

Nice Work! Now your publishers will be able to promote your coupon offer(s). This might be a good time to send them a message from the Message Center.

Publishers can access your coupon offer creatives in the Links page of their account interface.


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