Managing Publisher Groups

Activity Level Grouping

Flexoffers released an exclusive feature to automatically help you organize your affiliate publishers by activity and identify who is actively promoting and who is referring paying customers. You may also filter the pre-defined groups to see publishers sending clicks with no sales or no clicks (Inactive).  You can use the Groups column filter on the Publisher List page and Message Center Address Book to view the “Groups” column which will display an “Inactive” for any publisher not sending at least one click referral within the past 30 days. If a publisher is referring clicks, without a sale converting, it will display “Click Active” and Publishers who have referred sales in the past 30 days will show as “Revenue Active” or display "View Groups 1+" symbol. 

(***Note: Auto-grouping of recently approved publishers occurs at the beginning of following week.) 


Click the funnel icon to Filter. 



Creating and Managing Publisher Groups

Creating publisher groups makes it easier to manage and optimize managing your affiliate programs. You can create custom publisher groups based on an any criteria you want to sort your partners by. The most common category used is based on the promotional methods of the publisher (such as Coupon, Content, Media Buyer, etc). 


The two main advantages of creating and maintaining your publisher groups are the ability to send messages by selecting the group and creating and assigning private offers by group. Once you create these groups, all you will need to do is select the respective group in the dropdown where available. 


Click Manage Groups under the Publisher List: 



To add a new Group, click ADD NEW and ADD. You can also Edit and Remove groups: 



To add a publisher to a group, select the + sign and it will open a popup window: 



Slide the toggle to add a publisher to the group (you can add a publisher to multiple groups): 



Navigating to groups in the Message Center (Address Book):

When sending a message, you can filter to select the Group you want to message by using the dropdown filter. 



To select a specific Publisher Group, click the User icon under Actions: 



It will expand the publisher list, and to choose a group, you will need select them from the dropdown at the top under the “Group” column:



After you select the Group from the dropdown, click “Invite All” and that specific Private Offer will be sent to each of the Publishers in that group. 



Will publishers see who else is in a group with them? 

  • No, the groups and group names and only visible to the advertiser. 


Can I add a publisher to more than one group?

  • Yes! You can add one publisher to as many groups as you want. 


How do I assign a specific commission rate to a publisher group?

  • This would be done under the “Private Offers” section of your account. Please review the steps in this section for how to do this. 


Is there a way to make a specific link/promotion only available to one group? 

  • At this moment we don’t support the ability for assigning specific offers to a Group. If you need further assistance, please email


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