How to Invite Publishers to Join Your Program

Finding Publisher prospects and inviting them to join your program is simple with the FlexOffers Publisher Recruitment Tool. The following video and step-by-step instructions explain how to do that.



At the bottom of the Publisher List page, click the button titled “Find Publishers”.



The resulting page will offer instructions for the process of finding publisher prospects and sending them an invitation to join your program.




When you’re ready to begin searching, click the “Start” button at the bottom-right corner of the page.


  1. Select your program.


  2. Search by keywords, Publisher ID#, location, reach, or categories.

    You may select product or service categories publishers are currently promoting for.

    Note: FlexOffers technology identifies and displays results based on recent “Live Click Data”.


  3. In the bottom-right corner, click the Continue button.


  4. Click to select one, or all (by selecting the top box) to send an invitation message. There are ten (10) publishers displaying on each page.

  1. Review the list and click boxes on the left to confirm. Then, click the “Continue” button.


    Note: Publisher results of your search are based on Advertiser categories they are actively promoting in, and publishers can be in multiple categories which will affect the resulting publisher count. (ie: You may see five publishers when searching one category and six when adding a second category. After removing the first category the result shows more than one. This is due to publishers being assigned to both categories.)

  1. Assigning a Private Offer is optional. You can skip sending a special offer or create an offer of increased commissions or tiered commission levels, as shown below.

    Learn more about sending private offers to publishers.

    If you don't want to send a Private Offer, click the “Skip Step” button to proceed to the “Send Invitations” page.

  2. Click the “Edit Email Template” button in the lower-right corner.


  1. A New Message editor will appear with a pre-populated message that you can send or edit with your custom message.

  2. The following placeholders are pre-set in the template and optionally available to use in your custom message: {{PublisherName}}, {{ProgramId}}, {{ProgramName}}, {{ProgramDescription}}, {{ProgramPayoutDescription}}, {{LinkID}} (Note: Placeholders are case sensitive).

    To enter a customized message in HTML code Click the “Source” button.


  1. In the lower-right corner of the editor page, you can click "Preview Email" to preview your message.


  1. Then, click the “Send Message” button in the lower-left corner of the message editor.


  2. Watch for the invited publishers to appear in your Pending Applications to approve.


I hope this is helpful. Your success is important to us and your feedback is appreciated. Please let us know your questions, anytime.

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