Wix Conversion Tracking With Google Tag Manager

Wix is a popular website-building platform, and you can integrate it with your FlexOffers account in two ways. Option one is to use a free Google Tag Manager account. Option two is to develop a custom integration using Velo by Wix. In this article, you'll learn how to use Google Tag Manager to easily implement the FlexOffers conversion tracking code.

Note: This implementation requires a Premium Wix website with a connected domain and a Google Tag Manager account. These are third-party platforms, and FlexOffers.com cannot be held responsible for their use.


Connect Your Google Tag Manager Account to Your Wix Site

1. Log into your Google Tag Manager account and copy your container ID from the Accounts tab. You can also find this number at the top of other pages in your Google Tag Manager account.



2. In a new browser tab, log into your Wix site and go to the Marketing & SEO > Marketing Integrations page.



3. Locate the Google Tag Manager tool and click Connect.



4. Click the Add Google Tag Manager button.



5. Paste in your Google Tag Manager container ID and click Save.


Learn more about connecting Google Tag Manager to your Wix site.

Import the FlexOffers Google Tag Manager Container

1. In your AdvertiserPro account, go to Settings > Conversion Tracking.



2. Click on Ecommerce Plugins and then click WIX.



3. Select your program and click Next.



4. Click "Download here" to download the Google Tag Manager container file, then click the "x" to close the pop-up window.



5. In your Google Tag Manager account, go to Admin > Import Container.



6. Click the Choose Container File button and select the FlexOffers Wix GTM Container file you downloaded.



7. Choose your workspace and import options, and click the Confirm button. Note: Selecting the 'Overwrite' option may erase existing data in Google Tag Manager.


Learn more about importing Google Tag Manager containers.


8. At the top of your Google Tag Manager dashboard, click Submit and follow the prompts to publish your changes.


Learn more about publishing changes in Google Tag Manager.


Create a Test Transaction

In your AdvertiserPro account, go to Settings > Tracking Diagnosis and follow the instructions to create a test transaction.

Note: Be sure to leave the Tracking Diagnosis page open while you create the test transaction and go back to that page to confirm that the test was successful.

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